Dragon Naturally Speaking Tips

Dragon Naturally Speaking Tips

Voice recognition system for PC and android
22.05.2017 17:34

Voice recognition is the system where the spoken word is considered as an input to a computer program. This process is necessary to virtual reality as it gives a fairly inherent and intuitive way of managing the simulation while authorizing the user's hands to remain free. The technology that facilitate a computer or machine program to receive and explicate dictation or to decipher and carry out commands that are spoken.

It is simplistic to confuse voice recognition and speech recognition.  Recordings of the human voice are used by both, but each do things different with it. Speech recognition clears out the personal differences so that the words can be perceived.  However, voice recognition typically ignores the language and meaning to spot the physical person behind the speech. Speech recognition is highly dependent on language, whereas voice recognition is independent of language.

There are innumerable number of non-business based advantages to the use of voice recognition software applications. Those people or users who are blind or who cannot operate a keyboard due to a physical disability are given the opportunity to make appropriate use of a computer and in many case, a level of independence is achieved. Voice activated programs can permit people suffering from disabilities to be skillful enough to work and in some cases procure an unknown level of self satisfaction.

The benefits of voice recognition and voice operated applications inside the office are countless. Creating memos, documents and reports can easily be spoken leaving hands free to finalize other jobs. Via voice over internet protocol software programs, phone calls can be made which depends on the capability of the computer to turn voice into data.

It is examined that  the average office worker usually  types between 50-70 words per minute. However, programs of speech recognition can maneuver approximately 120 words per minute at 98% correctness with accurate training, even editing can be executed through the use of voice initiated programming. This makes the proper use of these types of software applications a way to enlarge productivity as well as giving the users with disabilities new ways to connect and do their tasks.

Voice recognition software identifies the user`s voice on whatever is dictated into the microphone. The voice then appears as an electronic, word-processed document. Some benefits include:

voice recognition

•    Allows user to operate a computer by speaking to it;
•    Free up cognitive working space;
•    Allows dictation of text or commands;
•    Eliminates handwriting, spelling problems;
•    Always spells correctly (doesn't always recognize words correctly)

A list of top voice recognition software for personal computers are given below:

•    Dragon Naturally speaking
•    Speech notes
•    Lily speech
•    Smart Action speech IVR system
•    Protokol
•    Speech logger
•    Entrada
•    Delta touch

List of some applications for android phones are :

•    Google mobile apps
•    Bing
•     Vlingo
•    Siri assistant
•    Dragon downloadable apps

Not only in PCs but voice recognition system in android phones are also becoming much more popular. As the same technology for the phones are now available, the frustrations that users had to go through in controlling their personal computers by voice, or repetition of user`s voices and finding the trusty keyboard has come to an end.



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